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Zn Stripping Machine


The whole set of automatic stripping machine consists of multi-functional crane, automatic stripper units, automatic cathode scourer units, anode truck, anode flattening machine and cleaning system. It is a mechanical, electronic-controlled, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

We have developed zinc stripping technology and we have installed a prototype of zinc stripping machine in Yunnan. The technical indexes of this prototype have been tested and reached equal level of stripping machine of Paul Wurth or Mesco.


  • Simple design, easy operation, low failure.
  • Design capacity:700p/h, actual processing capacity of 600 p/h.
  • Reasonable design of mechanical structure, ingenious design, many structures have great improvements than traditional units, parts in contact with acid liquor adopt 316L(316L uses custom-made sectional materials).
  • The hydraulic system uses Rexroth products, multiple parts use an electro-hydraulic proportional control system, for units with high standards for the reliability of hydraulic units choose the most advanced threaded cartridge valves.
  • The electrical system uses Siemens components, SIMENS S7 300 /1500 PLC programming device, LCD touch screen, Windows operation interface, which can have data communication with upper computers.

Technical Parameters

As per requirements of clients.

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