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Environment Protection Engineering

Cooperated with some famous environmental protection companies, Sinoran can provide technical services on such fields:

Sulfuration: The main purpose is to add sodium sulfate under acidic condition to remove arsenic and copper, to produce arsenic sulfide and copper sulfide precipitation, so as to remove arsenic and copper ions in waste water.

Lime neutralization: By adding lime milk to neutralize the acid effluent and adjust the pH value, make heavy metal ions to separate as precipitation of hydroxide.

Electrochemistry: Through pretreatment of sulfuration and lime neuralization, the pollutant contents decreased greatly, for further decreasing content of heavy metal ions, electrochemistry measure is necessary.

Water hardness decreasede-hardnessprocess: The acid effluent has high hardness because of lime addition, the water quality can’t meet the water resource recycling standard, further treatment is necessary. For solving this problem, a set of water softening apparatus is proposed to make the hardness under 200mg/L.

Membrane treatment: Outflow of water softening system will be desalted, water of which will be recycled, the concentrated water will be discharge to evaporation pond.

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